The Man from MAF!

One Sunday recently Gareth told us about three Christian pilots chatting after World War II – they enjoyed flying but wondered how this activity could be used in a creative way.

We are told in the bible to take the good news about Jesus to those near us, those further away and those in ‘the uttermost parts of the earth’ (Acts chapter 1 verse 7)  What do the uttermost parts of the earth look like?  Places where natural disasters are common, where conflict is constant, where there is a sense of isolation from the busy world.    These three men decided to start flying in the Sudan to bring practical help and the news of Jesus.  The work has grown over the years so that now the Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) has 135 planes reaching 1,400 destinations in 26 countries.

When the Indonesian earthquake occurred MAF was already in the country and could give immediate help; when South Sudan was formed in 2011 MAF were already there and able to bring help to the beleaguered people there.

Gareth with his wife Gail used to worship at the same church as some TCC members in Colchester, but like us  they have moved on.  It was good to renew our friendship and hear all that Gareth had to say.

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