The Church Meets for Film Night!

What was the early church really like?  We have many hints in the New Testament book of Acts.  The new impressive feature film ‘Paul, Apostle of Christ’ combines the biblical story of Paul with a spectacular but plausible plot about how the early Christians responded to intense persecution.

Tiptree Community Church came together one evening to watch the DVD together
At the time of the film Paul is an old man imprisoned for his faith in Rome.  He is visited by Dr. Luke and they chat together.  As part of the story we see how life unfolds after Emperor Nero accuses Christians of starting the Great Fire of Rome and some of the suffering many experienced from being imprisoned to being thrown to the lions.   The decisions to be made: should they stay in Rome and face the consequences or leave to the unknown; each Christian had to hear God for themselves on this issue.
After the film we chatted about the many Christians worldwide who suffer for their faith in over 40 different countries, and also wondered how we would react in times of desperate difficulty.
Tiptree Community Church meet every Sunday at 10.30 to 11.30 am in the small hall at the Community Centre; the first Sunday in the month is Cafe Church where we sit round a large table and chat over croissants and coffee.  Everyone of course very welcome.  Any queries to 01621 8127820

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