Key to Life in Tiptree!!

The Revd Anne-Marie Renshaw , Team Rector in the Thurstable and Winstree Team Ministry & Andy Butt, Tiptree Youth Project Outreach Youth Worker on the steps of the Key to Life Mobile Classroom at St Luke’s Church of England Primary School

Tiptree Community Church recently had the privilege of teaming up with the other churches in the village to bring the ‘Key to Life’ mobile classroom to Tiptree for a week of special lessons.

Key to Life is an initiative of Counties, a registered charitable organisation, designed for use in primary schools with Key Stage 2 pupils to introduce them to the life of Jesus.

Sited in St Luke’s Primary School car park, all the primary schools in Tiptree and Messing were invited to participate in this amazing experience housed in a purpose-built vehicle that transforms into a large interactive learning space featuring floor to ceiling computer touch screens.  Key to Life tells the story of Jesus using short films, interactive games and small group discussions to help the pupils explore what Christians believe, in an exciting, creative and inspiring way.

It was wonderful to watch the children’s amazement as they rubbed the computer screens to create a star filled sky over Bethlehem followed by a short film about the birth of Jesus.  The children then voted on who they thought Jesus was.  They created a timeline that ran across the walls of the classroom showing civilisations and world events and we talked about where Jesus is placed in history.  We asked questions about the things Jesus did and watched a film showing Jesus heal a paralysed man and then played a game that helped us consider what the different characters may have felt about what they had seen.  We also saw a film about the Easter story and discussed why the cross is important to Christians.  Throughout the sessions the children were encouraged to use critical thinking skills to make up their own minds.  Finally, each class was able to vote again to share their opinions about Jesus and compare the results with the vote taken at the start of the session. 

We hope the children and their teachers enjoyed taking part as much as the volunteers who presented the sessions and are looking forward to Easter with a new understanding of this very special celebration on the Christian calendar.

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